Forum Recap 2019 & Action Plan 2020

WE FOR SHE is proud to present our latest report on gender equity in BC.

In this booklet, we’re re-living some of the highlights from our 2019 forum and offering suggestions for what you can do to get involved with this year’s Action Plan.

We encourage you to find your own role in this collective movement by sharing this report with your network, and taking the next step with the resources on this page. Together, we can move the dial!

*BC stats from WE FOR SHE Gender Equality Survey, conducted August 2019

Reports from Previous Years

Sources for stats included in the 2019 Action Plan: 
    • Women comprise 55.7% of post-secondary graduates (Statistics Canada, 2015), yet they get paid 22.6% less than men (The Conference Board of Canada, 2017).
    • Women represent 47% of the workforce (WEB Alliance, 2015), yet they only make up make up 3% of trades (WorkBC, 2017), 20% of tech (WorkBC, 2017) and 5.3% of CEOs (WEB Alliance, 2015).
    • Women own 37% of small businesses in the province, yet they receive less than 4% of venture capital (WEB Alliance, 2015).
    • Women hold 22% of the available Top 50 company board seats in BC (Minerva BC, 2018).
    • There are more Fortune 500 CEOs named James than all female CEOs (The New York Times, 2018).


Below you can browse helpful resources, research and tools for you to:

Take action in your life. We each have the power to create change. As individuals, women can educate themselves, improve their mindset and step up as leaders. As a culture, we need to challenge the status quo and normalize equality in leadership roles, in pay and at home.

Take action in your organization. Businesses of any size can lead the way for inclusion. Your corporate culture, HR practices, procurement policies and even your marketing can be used to show your commitment to gender diversity and pave the way for change



  • The latest Women Matter report from McKinsey and Company. Click here.
  • Women in the Workplace 2019 is a comprehensive study of the state of women in corporate America. The study is part of a long-term partnership between LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company to give companies the information they need to promote female leadership and foster gender equality in the workplace.
  • You can find finance anywhere – Cheryl Yue, Lululemon.