2018/19 BC Action Plan & Event Summary

WE FOR SHE is proud to present our new priorities for 2019. We encourage you to find your own role in this collective movement by sharing the 2019 WE FOR SHE Action Plan Priorities with your network.

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Sources for stats included in the Action Plan:

  • Women comprise 55.7% of post-secondary graduates (Statistics Canada, 2015), yet they get paid 22.6% less than men (The Conference Board of Canada, 2017).
  • Women represent 47% of the workforce (WEB Alliance, 2015), yet they only make up make up 3% of trades (WorkBC, 2017), 20% of tech (WorkBC, 2017) and 5.3% of CEOs (WEB Alliance, 2015).
  • Women own 37% of small businesses in the province, yet they receive less than 4% of venture capital (WEB Alliance, 2015).
  • Women hold 22% of available Top 50 company board seats in BC (Minerva BC, 2018).
  • There are more Fortune 500 CEOs named James than all female CEOs (The New York Times, 2018).

2017/18 Call to Action & Event Summary

WE FOR SHE is pleased to present “Stepping it up for Gender Equality: 2018 Call to Action,” which reports on our collective progress toward gender equality so far, summarizes the input from the table discussions and polls at WE FOR SHE 2017, and outlines what you can do next.

It includes the 2018 WE FOR SHE BC Action Plan, which prioritizes five key strategies that can create the strongest impact in our province.

This document is a collaboration of BC youth, business owners, professionals, senior leaders and government that focuses on the strategies that will create change in BC.

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Reports from Previous Years


Below you can browse helpful resources, research and tools for you to:

  • Take action in your life. We each have the power to create change. As individuals, women can educate themselves, improve their mindset and step up as leaders. As a culture, we need to challenge the status quo and normalize equality in leadership roles, in pay and at home.
  • Take action in your organization. Businesses of any size can lead the way for inclusion. Your corporate culture, HR practices, procurement policies and even your marketing can be used to show your commitment to gender diversity and pave the way for change.

Share the Business Case

Address Gender Roles and Stereotypes

Create a Positive Mindset

Increase Women in Trades, STEM

Increase Women on Boards

Build a Safe and Inclusive Workplace

Tackle Unconscious Bias

Communicate Respectfully

Engage Men

Strategies and Toolkits for Organizations